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Learn free online languages: Learn language and share the thoughts

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Bhashaseekho.com is doing a charity work to all people across the world. It a language learning website, offers quality English language instruction through a variety of courses to the people. Our goal is to provide free online language courses to the learners with affordable courses that are specially designed to give them the tools necessary to achieve linguistic competence.

Language is an extremely important way of interacting with the people around us. Through language we can connect with other people and make sense of our experiences.

Bhashaseekho.com does not seek donations from persons or entities located in any jurisdiction that prohibits or restricts fundraising activities by international charities such as Bhashaseekho.com or applies gift taxes on donations made to such international charities.

Where your donation goes?
Technology: Adding new features, maintenance and development. Bhashaseekho.com provides quality language learning free online courses.

Is it must to donate or any kind of benefit for me?
No, If you feel to support us the please else enjoy learning.

Is this site secure?
Donation transaction will be taking via Paypal service, which is secure.

How this course will help you?
Doors open as you partake in this language course. The course is very simple, small and free online. It will teach you like a new baby.
Babies learn their language slowly.
First they learn to listen.
Then they learn to speak.
Finally, they can read and write.
Start learning English and you can then teach your children or if they are already learning, you can now communicate with them in English.

Will I get any tax benefit if would donate?
If you wish then donate us to improve the best services and education. There is no any

Thanks with millions of smiles!!!