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Small stories which are written by using general words of Hindi

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Level - I

Lesson (Adhyay) - 1

Let’s learn Hindi in the same way, in which you speak your language or teach to kids. There is no need have knowledge of all words to learn any language. Translate Hindi words into words of other language. Let come and start the learning from the first word which was taught to us by our first teacher, when we came in this world.
Mother – Maa
Father- Pita
Sister- Bahin
Brother- Bhai
Water- Paani
Food- Khana

It is a difficult task to memories many words.. There are many easy ways to do this:
1. Make a story by using many words.
2. Remember the words by some reference like: After speaking color red, you can remember all color white, black, yellow etc.
3. Repeat the words by speaking, reading and listening many times.
4. Remember by any picture.
5. Play with words like Parlor game.
6. Memorizing the words in same manner what we used to do at school time.

Make a story by using several words together. Then read or write it. In our childhood, mother used to teach the language by some songs. This method will help you to use correct word and while speaking you will be able to remember the correct words. All the related words will come to your tongue. The practice will help you to get free from your weaknesses like: hesitation, fear and shame. Gradually you will get confidence. First understand the words of English then in Hindi words. Read the story many times. Learn this in a group and do practice. Help each other in making correction of errors made rather than making fun.

Story (Kahani) -1

Please see the below picture. Make a list of words in your language. Write whatever things you are looking into the picture and its related things also. This is a one kind of technique may help you to remember lot of things by looking a picture.

Do you know? How many words can be made by this picture? Please compare your list with given list. There are 51 words, which are made by using this picture. Now you remember all words in translated language pronunciation only. Please don’t memorize the Hindi spellings now. It will be instructed to you, when to start memorizing the spellings, reading and writing the Hindi words.

Hindi Hindi English Hindi Hindi English Hindi Hindi English
आकाश Aakash Sky तोता Tota Parrot दरवाजे डोर्स Doors
सूर्य Surya Sun मोर Mor Peacock दीवार वाल Wall
बादल Badal Cloud रंग Rang Color आदमी मेन Man
वर्षा Varsha Rain नीला Neela Blue बारिश कोट रेन कोट Rain coat
बून्दा-बान्दी Boonda-Bandi Drizziling काला Kala Black लड़का बॉय Boy
पंछी Panchhi Birds हरा Hara Green लड़की गर्ल Girl
पहाड Pahad Hill पीला Peela Yellow घूमना वॉकिंग Walking
मंदिर Mandir Temple सफेद Safed White सड़क रोड Road
झंडा Jhanda Flag सूरज मुखि Suraj mukhi Sun flower चूहा माउस Mouse
गाय Gaay Cow झील Jheel Lake ट्रेन ट्रेन Train
घास Ghas Grass पानी Paani Water कुत्ता डॉग Dog
जंगल Jangal Jungle नाव Naav Boat यात्री पॅसेंजर Passenger
पेड़ Ped Trees बतख Dabakh duck ट्रक ट्रक / लॉरी Truck / Lorry
पौधे Paudhe Plant मछली Machhli Fish पहिया वील Wheel
पत्ता Patta Leaf मेंढक Medak Frog सामग्री मटेरियल Material
फल Fal Fruits झोपड़ी Jhopdi Hut परिवहन ट्रांसपोर्ट Transport
फूल Phool Flower खिडकी Khidki Window चालक ड्राइवर Driver

Excercise -

1. Records these stories with voice recorder and then listen them.
2. Make some songs or listen Hindi songs and sing.

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