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Learn free online English grammar : General English grammar

Level - I

Lesson - 1

Let’s learn English in the same way, in which you speak your language or teach to kids. To learn you don’t need to get knowledge of all words. Translate English words pronunciation into our language and speak in our language only. Let’s come and start the learning from the first word which was taught byour first teacher, when we came in this world.
To memories many words is difficult. There are many easy ways to do this:
1. Make a story by using words.
2. Remember the words by some reference like: After speaking color red, you can remember all colors white, black, yellow etc.,
3. Repeat the words by speaking, reading and listening many times.
4. Remember by any picture.
5. Play with words like Parlor game.
6. Memorizing the words in same manner how we use to do at school time.

Make a story by using several words together, then read or write. In the childhood, mother used to teach the language by some songs. According to the story you will come to know when to use which word. You will be able to remember the correct wordswhile speaking. Related words will come to your tongue. In this wayyour hesitation, fear and shame will be gone soon. You will get confidence as well. Learning practice do at least an hour. Using stories first understood the words of English then in Hindi words. Read the story many times. Learn this in a group and do practice. Help to each for making correcting of made errors and not make a fun.

Story -1

Please see the picturebelow. Make a list of words in your language. Write whatever, things you are looking into the picture and its related things as well. This is a one kind of technique. You can remember a lot of things while looking for single picture.

Do you know? How many words can be made by this picture? Please compare your list with given list. There are 51 words, which are made by using this picture. Now you remember all words in translated language pronunciationonly.

Sky Parrot Doors
Sun Peacock Wall
Cloud Color Man
Rain Blue Rain coat
Drizziling Black Boy
Birds Green Girl
Hill Yellow Walking
Temple White Road
Flag Sun flower Mouse
Cow Lake Train
Grass Water Dog
Jungle Boat Passenger
Trees duck Truck / Lorry
Plant Fish Wheel
Leaf Frog Material
Fruits Hut Transport
Flower Window Driver

Excercise -

1. Records these stories with voice recorder then listen them.
2. Make some songs or listen English songs then sing.
3. Learn yourself and if you would like to teach to your kid then, click on the below link.
English speaking course for kids

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