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Learn free online English grammar : General English grammar

Level - I

Lesson - 2

Story - 2

Mother called for lunch to father, brother, sister and for me. I was having bath. I am wearing new clothes today, Yesterday noon I went to Sai baba temple along with my mother. I did prayer for my coming examination. I bought balloon and toys from there. My father is doing some office work, he told wait for some time, give me some water now. My sister is sleeping and elder brother is playing outside with his friend. Today, mother has shouted him because he never switches off the fans, TV after used. We need to save electricity if not in use the switch off it. I told to my brother come here and stop playing. After having food we will go outside and will play. Need to wash our hands before having food. After food we played and enjoyed a lot. Finally, we had ice-cream from the nearby market and backed home.

Story - 3

There is a Diwali festival in the nextmonth. For the celebration of that all the cartons of the doors got changed. The rat has damaged all the stuff of our home like my school bag and made hole in shirt of my father. My father was very angry and he brought a rat cage. Rat can be caught easily by hanging a bread piece. Luckilylastnight one rat got caught. The cat is visiting again and again. I informed to my friend he will come to see the Rat. Rat might be hungry and tired. I think he is worried and panic for his life. That’s why he is making a noise. I have captured many photos. Today, Rat got me a lot of entertainment in place of cartoon. Weather is very cold andhas a lot of fogin morning. The visibility is very minor while going to school. It leads for huge of trafficjam and there are many chances for accidents. In this Diwali we will not go to native of my father and will celebratehere only. Many guests will visit our home. My father has invited for them. I’ll bursta lot of crackers in Diwali. But Mother always says that crackers make Air and Voice pollution so need to celebrate festival with echo friendly.

Practice -

1. Correlate the words with any event or movie this will help you to memorize the words.
2. These words will automatically come while doing conversion.
3. While reading the stories make any hypothetically movie, the scenes will be seen while reading.
4. List of 300 words while was prepared after a research.

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