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Learn free online English grammar : General English grammar

Level - I

Lesson - 5

If you are able to use two words sentences then you will not face any problem to learn three or more than three words sentences. All words will be familiar. The list is prepared after a research with the small sentences which are mostly used while conversion. Remember the sentence do the practice.Please read and remember the matter written in your language only do not try to read spellings now.

      Since Birth It is. So good
By Chance It was. So nice.
Get up It looks So what?
On time It has Very soon
Right time Open it. Be careful
Cheap mentality Close it. Be ready
Come here Cook it. Nothing special
Go there Get it. Keep quiet
Hold on Good stuff Take it
As discussed Good work Move aside
What's up? Many thanks What happened?
O really About me Every time
Excuse me Come on Second thing
Happy Birthday Pick one Any change
Happy Diwali/(?) Oh yes. Help me
Pardon me Not really Please wait
Come again Not sure Take off.
Come in Yes sure. Reporting time.
Get lost Its fun Lets say.
Get out Yes Sir. Not bad
How sad Don't try. Go head
What nonsense Don't eat. Trust me
How disgusting Which one? Like it
keep patience Which day? Come fast
Nothing else Who did? Look ahead
Any progress? When did? Try again
Any Improvement? How soon? Its me
Good luck I paid. All right
So sad Whole day. And again
See you Whole night. Any chance

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