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Learn free online English grammar : General English grammar

Level - I

Lesson - 3

Story - 4

Last year I visited India. One incidence I never forget when I missed my bus and an Indian helped me.

When I missed my friends at that time I was worried and panic because I was new and alone there. I requested to an Indian for help .
Hello, my name is John. I lost my friends. We came to visit India. Can you please help me? I don't have sufficient money to reach my destination. Even I am not aware of the place. Indian- Yes Sure, you are our guest. I would try my best to help you.
Me- I am from Canada, came with my relatives. Unfortunately, I missed them in this crowd. I am sick and tired as well.
Indian - Do not worry John, I am your friend. If you do not mind, then please register your complain to nearby Police station. That would be good for you as well as your friends, thereafter I'll try my best for you.
Me- Sure, it's a good idea. I registered the FIR in a police station and then he took me in a hospital for checkup.
Indian - This area is totally safe, but the way which leads to city is unsafe in the evening. The goverment of India and the minister of this place are carrying for this historical place. You are looking hungry and thirsty as well. Please have some foodn.
Me- The food was very delicious, then he arranged a car for me.

Finally, I reached to my destination in mid night without any problem. We visited many places and enjoyed a lot but that incident was unforgettable. I always remember to that Indian and never forget his great help.

Practice -

Doy you know how many words you have learnt by these stories?
Make the similar kind of stories by using the new words of English.

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