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Learn free online English grammar : General English grammar

Language learning free online course BhashaSeekho.com

English speaking free online, easy and small course

Learn English Accent & General speaking: Speech Lessons and Public Speaking

Do you know? Children can speak in their mother tongue without any hesitation even before going to school. Uneducated can speak in their language, while they are not aware of the alphabets and grammar in the language. Neither they can write nor read but they can speak and understand their native language. It mean to speak and learn any language we should know some tips like - the knowledge of words, trick of speaking and practicing. Language is not a complicated subject like Mathematics or Science. To do any work or learn any subject, there may be many tough or easy ways. This course is designed after a lot of research in such a way that a child can also learn English.

Main features of this course:
1. Learn basic English.
2. Learn top 300 and 1000 to speak English.
3. English speaking will be taught to you from the first day.
4. This is very easy, small and free online course.
5. Course is designed in such a way so that from kids to senior citizens can also learn.
6. Like a new baby you will learn first speaking English.
7. Every chapter is unique, whatever you will read and practice that much you can learn.
8. Best tips and tricks will help you to learn English.

To learn and speak any language some of the words should be known and not all, remaining can be learnt as and when required. To learn one language from another, you need to know similar words and the way of speaking.

There is no cost of book, but it is for the content written in book.
It does not require much time to learn. All it needs is passion and interest.

"Learn and Teach"
Jai Hind

Tips to learn any Language:

1. Surround yourself in English.
2. Learn through speaking and don't be afraid to make mistakes.
3. Decide how much time you are going to spend for learning. Make a proper plan.
4. Target for 4 core skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
5. Keep a notebook of new words you learn. Use them while speaking or writing.
6. Create an atmosphere in which you want to learn and keep patience.
7. This course is especially designed for beginners.
8. Novel or Newspapers are a good source to find passive constructs.
9. Read for the general meaning first. Don't worry about understanding every word, then go back and look up new words.
10. Use English whenever you can.
11. The most natural way to learn language is through talking.
12. Record your voice and listen to your pronunciation and intonation.
13. You are never too young or too old to start learning English or any language.
14. Make a story is the best way to memorize the English words.
15. Don't wait for others to speak in English. Be the person to start conversations in English.
16. Textbook English is often different from the way we casually speak. To learn casual 'slang' watch movies.
17. Once you have a basic level of English, explore the different ways to improve more.
18. Listen to English radio, Watch English News or movies, Use online lessons.
19. Correlate the words with any movie or any memorable event.

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