English Grammar Rules & Usage

The Complete List of English Verb Tenses

Base Form (I) Past Form (II) Past Participle
Form (III)
Plural form ‘ing’ form Hindi
Calculate calculated calculated calculates calculating गणना
Call called called calls calling पु का र ना
Canvass canvassed canvassed canvasses canvassing वोट मांगना
Capture captured captured captures capturing कब्जा
Caress caressed caressed caresses caressing दुलार
Carry carried carried carries carrying ले जाना
Carve carved carved carves carving काटना
Cash cashed cashed cashes cashing रोकड़
Cast cast cast casts casting डालना/जोखिम/भूमिका देना
Catch Caught Caught catches Catching पकड़
Cause caused caused causes causing कारण
Cease ceased ceased ceases ceasing रोकना
Celebrate celebrated celebrated celebrates celebrating जश्न
Challenge challenged challenged challenges challenging चुनौती
Change changed changed changes changing परिवर्तन
Charge charged charged charges charging चार्ज
Chase chased chased chases chasing पीछा/ अनुसरण
Chat chatted chatted chats chatting बातचीत
Check checked checked checks checking चेक
Cheer cheered cheered cheers cheering जयकार
Chew chewed chewed chews chewing जुगल/ चिंतन
Chide chid chid/chidden chides chiding डांटना
Chip chipped chipped chips chipping टुकड़ा
Choke choked choked chokes choking गला घोंटना
Choose chose chosen chooses choosing चुनें
Clap Clapped/Clapt Clapped/Clapt Claps Clapping ताली
Classify classified classified classifies classifying वर्गीकृत
Clean cleaned cleaned cleans cleaning स्वच्छ
Cleave clove/cleft cloven/cleft cleaves cleaving फोड़ना
Click clicked clicked clicks clicking प्रसिद्ध होना/ खटखट
Climb climbed climbed climbs climbing चढना
Cling clung clung clings clinging चिपटना
Close closed closed closes closing बंद करे
Clothe Clad/Clothed Clad/Clothed clothes Clothing उढ़ाना
Clutch clutched clutched clutches clutching चंगुल/शिकंजा
Collapse collapsed collapsed collapses collapsing गिरावट/पतन
Collect collected collected collects collecting इकट्ठा
Colour coloured coloured colours colouring रंग
Come came come comes coming आइए
Comment commented commented comments commenting टिप्पणी
Compare compared compared compares comparing तुलना
Compel compelled compelled compels compelling मजबूर
Compete competed competed competes competing प्रतिस्पर्धा
Complain complained complained complains complaining शिकायत है
Complete completed completed completes completing पूर्ण
Conclude concluded concluded concludes concluding निष्कर्ष निकालना
Conduct conducted conducted conducts conducting आचरण
Confess confessed confessed confesses confessing स्वीकार करना
Confine confined confined confines confining सीमित
Confiscate confiscated confiscated confiscates confiscating ज़ब्त करना
Confuse confused confused confuses confusing भ्रमित
Congratulate congratulated congratulated congratulates congratulating बधाई देना
Connect connected connected connects connecting जुडिये
Connote connoted connoted connotes connoting अतिरिक्त मतलाब रखना
Conquer conquered conquered conquers conquering जीतना
Consecrate consecrated consecrated consecrates consecrating ज्ञान देना/पवित्र
Consent consented consented consents consenting सहमति
Conserve conserved conserved conserves conserving संरक्षण
Consider considered considered considers considering विचार करें
Consign consigned consigned consigns consigning सुपुर्द करना
Consist consisted consisted consists consisting मिलकर
Console consoled consoled consoles consoling ढाँचा/दिलासा देना
Consort consorted consorted consorts consorting बातचीत करना
Conspire conspired conspired conspires conspiring मिल जाना
Constitute constituted constituted constitutes constituting गठित करना
Constrain constrained constrained constrains constraining विवश करना
Construct constructed constructed constructs constructing निर्माण
Construe construed construed construes construing टीका करना
Consult consulted consulted consults consulting परामर्श करना
Contain contained contained contains containing शामिल
Contemn contemned contemned contemns contemning घिनाना
Contend contended contended contends contending संघर्ष करना
Contest contested contested contests contesting प्रतियोगिता
Continue continued continued continues continuing जारी रहना
Contract contracted contracted contracts contracting अनुबंध
Contradict contradicted contradicted contradicts contradicting खंडन
Contrast contrasted contrasted contrasts contrasting विरोध
Contribute contributed contributed contributes contributing योगदान
Contrive contrived contrived contrives contriving ईजाद करना
Control controlled controlled controls controlling नियंत्रण
Convene convened convened convenes convening बुलाना
Converge converged converged converges converging मिलना
Converse conversed conversed converses conversing उलटा
Convert converted converted converts converting बदलना
Convey conveyed conveyed conveys conveying संप्रेषित
Convict convicted convicted convicts convicting मिद्धदोष अपराधी
Convince convinced convinced convinces convincing को समझाने/मनवाना
Coo cooed cooed coos cooing कूजना/गुटरगूँ
Cook cooked cooked cooks cooking रसोइया
Cool cooled cooled cools cooling ठंडा
Co-Operate co-operated co-operated co-operates co-operating सहयोग
Cope coped cope copes coping सामना
Copy copied copied copies copying प्रतिलिपि
Correct corrected corrected corrects correcting सही
Correspond corresponded corresponded corresponds corresponding अनुरूप
Corrode corroded corroded corrodes corroding खुरचना
Corrupt corrupted corrupted corrupts corrupting भ्रष्ट
Cost cost cost costs costing लागत
Cough coughed coughed coughs coughing खांसी
Counsel counselled counselled counsels counselling परामर्श
Count counted counted counts counting गिनती
Course coursed coursed courses coursing कोर्स
Cover covered covered covers covering आवरण
Crack cracked cracked cracks cracking दरार
Crash crashed crashed crashes crashing दुर्घटना
Crave craved craved craves craving लालसा
Create created created creates creating सर्जन करना
Creep crept crept creeps creeping रेंगना
Crib cribbed cribbed cribs cribbing पालना
Cross crossed crossed crosses crossing पार करना
Crowd crowded crowded crowds crowding भीड़
Crush crushed crushed crushes crushing टक्कर/मुठभेड़
Cry cried cried cries crying रोना
Curb curbed curbed curbs curbing नियंत्रण
Cure cured cured cures curing इलाज
Curve curved curved curves curving वक्र
Cut cut cut cuts cutting कट गया
Cycle cycled cycled cycles cycling चक्र

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