Forms of Verbs and Hindi Meaning of verbs

Using Different Verb Forms wiht Hindi meaning

Base Form (I) Past Form (II) Past Participle
Form (III)
Plural form ‘ing’ form Hindi
Face faced faced faces facing चेहरा
Fail failed failed fails failing असफल
Faint fainted fainted faints fainting बेहोश
Fall fell fallen falls falling गिरना
Fan fanned fanned fans fanning पंखा
Fancy fancied fancied fancies fancying कल्पना
Favour favoured favoured favours favouring एहसान
Fax faxed faxed faxes faxing फैक्स
Feed fed fed feeds feeding चारा
Feel felt felt feels feeling महसूस
Ferry ferried ferried ferries ferrying नौका
Fetch fetched fetched fetches fetching लाना
Fight fought fought fights fighting लड़ाई
Fill filled filled fills filling भरना
Find found found finds finding खोज
Finish finished finished finishes finishing समाप्त
Fish fished fished fishes fishing मछली
Fit fit/fitted fit/fitted fits fitting फिट
Fix fixed fixed fixes fixing ठीक कर
Fizz fizzed fizzed fizzes fizzing सीटी
Flap flapped flapped flaps flapping फ्लैप
Flash flashed flashed flashes flashing फ़्लैश
Flee fled fled flees fleeing भागना
Fling flung flung flings flinging हाथ बढ़ाना
Float floated floated floats floating नाव
Flop flopped flopped flops flopping फ्लॉप
Fly flew flown flies flying उड़ना
Fold folded folded folds folding तह
Follow followed followed follows following का पालन करें
Forbid forbade forbidden forbids forbidding रोकना
Force forced forced forces forcing बल
Forecast forecast forecast forecasts forecasting पूर्वानुमान
Foretell foretold foretold foretells foretelling पहले से कह देना
Forget forgot forgotten forgets forgetting भूल जाओ
Forgive forgave forgiven forgives forgiving क्षमा करना
Form formed formed forms forming प्रपत्र
Forsake forsook forsaken forsakes forsaking त्यागना
Found founded founded founds founding मिल गया
Frame framed framed frames framing ढांचा
Free freed freed frees freeing मुक्त
Freeze froze frozen freezes freezing फ्रीज
Frighten frightened frightened frightens frightening डराना
Fry fried fried fries frying तलना
Fulfil fulfilled fulfilled fulfils fulfilling पूरा

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