Present,Past, future Tense Irregular Verbs List

English Verbs that have the same form in Present, Past and Past Participle form

Base Form (I) Past Form (II) Past Participle
Form (III)
Plural form ‘ing’ form Hindi
Gag gagged gagged gags gagging झूठ
Gain gained gained gains gaining लाभ
Gainsay gainsaid gainsaid gainsays gainsaying विरोध करना
Gash gashed gashed gashes gashing गहरा घाव
Gaze gazed gazed gazes gazing टकटकी
Get got got gets getting प्राप्त
Give gave given gives giving देना
Glance glanced glanced glances glancing झलक
Glitter glittered glittered glitters glittering चमक
Glow glowed glowed glows glowing चमक
Go went gone goes going चले जाओ
Govern governed governed governs governing शासन
Grab grabbed grabbed grabs grabbing लपकना
Grade graded graded grades grading श्रेणी
Grant granted granted grants granting अनुदान
Greet greeted greeted greets greeting नमस्कार
Grind ground ground grinds grinding पीसना
Grip gripped gripped grips gripping पकड़
Grow grew grown grows growing बढ़ने
Guard guarded guarded guards guarding रक्षक
Guess guessed guessed guesses guessing अनुमान
Guide guided guided guides guiding मार्गदर्शक

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