Complete Phrasal Verbs List Phrasal Verb

List of Phrasal verbs A to Z examples and meaning in Hindi

Base Form (I) Past Form (II) Past Participle
Form (III)
Plural form ‘ing’ form Hindi
Nail nailed nailed nails nailing नाखून
Nap napped napped naps napping झपकी
Need needed needed needs needing जरुरत
Neglect neglected neglected neglects neglecting उपेक्षा
Nip nipped nipped nips nipping चुटकी
Nod nodded nodded nods nodding सिर का इशारा
Note noted noted notes noting ध्यान दें
Notice noticed noticed notices noticing सूचना पत्र
Notify notified notified notifies notifying सूचित करें
Nourish nourished nourished nourishes nourishing लालन-पालन करना
Nurse nursed nursed nurses nursing दाई

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