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Tips to learn Spanish speaking :
To memories many words is difficult. There are many easy ways to do this:

1. Make a story by using words.
2. Remember the words by some reference like: After speaking color red, you can remember all colors white, black, yellow etc.
3. Repeat the words by speaking, reading and listening many times.
4. Remember by any picture.
5. Play with words like Parlor game.
6. Memorizing the words in same manner how we use to do at school time.
7. Records these stories with voice recorder then listen them.
8. Make some songs or listen that language songs then sing.
9. Correlate the words with any event or movie this will help you to memorize the words. These words will automatically come while doing conversion.
10. While reading the stories make any hypothetically movie, the scenes will be seen while reading.
11. Watch movies of learning language.
12. Use dictionary - English to language specific.
13. Read the stories given in link below then use following words to memorise.
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These are the top common words, which may help you to start basic learning a language.

English Spanish English Spanish
Mother Madre Again Una vez más
Father Padre Allow Permitir
Brother Hermano Alone Sola
Sister Hermana And y
Friend amigo Any cualquier
Food Alimentos Available Disponible
Thirsty Sediento Back Volver
Fruit Frutas Bad malo
Bitter Bitter Bath Bath
Hungry Hungry Bed cama
Ear Oído Before antes
Taste Sabor Big Grandes
Eat Coma Bird Aves
Vegetable Verduras Birth Nacimiento
Water agua Both Ambos
Drink bebida Break Pausa
He Él Bring Traiga
Daughter Hija But pero
God Dios Buy Comprar
Girl Chica Call Llamar
Husband marido Celebrate Celebre
Relative relativa Chance Probabilidad
Son Hijo Change Cambiar
Boy Boy Cheap barato
Wife esposa Cheat Cheat
She Ella Cheater Cheater
My Mi Check Comprobar
Me Me Clean Clean
You Usted Close Cerrar
Us nosotros Cloth Cloth
Your Su Come Ven
I I Correct correcta
All Todos Crime Delito
Smile Sonrisa Culture Cultura
CRY CRY Custom Custom
Sleep Sleep Dance Danza
Laugh Laugh Dark oscuro
Voice Voz Darkness Oscuridad
Listen escuchar Death muerte
Look Busque Destroy Destruye
Noise ruido Difficult difícil
Behavior Comportamiento Dirty Dirty
Beautiful hermosa Do hacer
Body Cuerpo Down abajo
Confused Confundido Early temprano
Eye Ojo Earn Gane
Face Cara Education Educación
Hair Cabello Eight Ocho
Hand Mano Emergency emergencia
Mouth Boca Emotion Emoción
Air Aire Employee Empleado
Day Día Enjoy Disfrute
Evening tarde Enough suficiente
Moon Luna Escape escapar
Morning Mañana Extra extra
Noon mediodía Fare Fare
Place lugar Fast Fast
Pollution Contaminación Favor Favor
Rain Lluvia Fear miedo
Sun Sun Festival Festival
Reason razón Few Pocos
Tomorrow Mañana Fine Fine
Week Semana Fire Fuego
Sky Sky Five Cinco
Queen Queen Forgave perdonó
City Ciudad Forget Olvídese
Contact Contacto Fort Fort
Country País Four Cuatro
Distance Distancia Front Frente
Door puerta Garbage Garbage
Home Inicio Get Obtener
State Estado Give Dale
Foreign Relaciones Exteriores Go ir
Address Dirección Good Buena
After después Happy feliz
Health Salud Seven Siete
Hear oír Show Mostrar
Hello Hola Sick enfermo
Help Ayuda Silent silencioso
Helpless Helpless Sit sentarse
Her Su Situation situación
Here Aquí Six Seis
Hide Ocultar Slow lento
High Alto Small Pequeño
Him Él Social sociales
His Su Sore dolor
Hit Hit Spend Pasa
Hope Esperanza Staff Staff
Hour Hora Stand Párese
How ¿Cómo Star estrella
Humble Humble Stay Estancia
Hundred Cien Steal robar
Idea idea Step Paso
Ill Ill Stop Deténgase
Insult Insulto Stuff Stuff
Interest interés Suggest Sugerir
Job Trabajo Sweet dulce
Join Únete Take Tome
Joke Broma Teach Enseñe
Just Sólo Tell Recomendar
Kill Matar Temple Temple
Kind Kind Ten Ten
Leave Deje Thanks Gracias
Left izquierda That Eso
Leg Pierna Then Entonces
Light Luz There Hay
Make hacer Thing cosa
Market Mercado This Este
Medicine Medicina Thousand Mil
Money dinero Three Tres
Name Nombre Time Tiempo
Need Necesidad Toilet aseo
No No Toys Juguetes
Not no Transport Transporte
One Uno Try Pruebe
Open abierta Twelve Doce
Owner Propietario Two Dos
Pain Dolor Up Up
Panic pánico Upset trastornado
Park Parque Use uso
Peace Paz Useful Útil
Play Juega Village Village
Please Por favor, Wait Espera
Poor Pobre Walk Walk
Prayer Oración Want Quiere
Purpose Propósito Waste Residuos
Push empujar Watch Reloj
Put Ponga Way Camino
Rate Cambio Weak débil
Relax Relax Wear Use
Remain permanecer Weep llorad
Remove Retire What ¿Qué
Rent Alquiler When cuando
Request Solicitud Where Dónde
Residence Residencia Who Quién
Rest resto Whole Whole
Result Resultado Why ¿Por qué
Return Volver Win Win
Rich Rich Window ventana
Right Derecha Wish Wish
Room Habitación With con
Run Run Work Trabajo
Safe segura Worst Peor
Safety Seguridad Wrong Wrong
Save Guardar Year Año
Say Diga Yes
Search Búsqueda Yesterday Ayer
Security Seguridad Sell Vender
See ver Sell Vender

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